Selling at Speedgoat

Registered producers place their product(s) on the online market and are notified of incoming orders by email. These orders are delivered from producers to Speedgoat Market and distributed to customers.

Speedgoat Market will initially operate out of just Lander. In spring 2021, operations will expand to the Wind River Indian Reservation and Riverton. The producer drop-off is at 125 N Second St. in Lander (the Second Street entrance on the Second Street side of the old Forge building) on Tuesdays from 5 to 6 p.m. In the near future, orders will be dropped-off at Speedgoat Market’s refrigerated truck, The Wagon, from select locations.

Speedgoat Market plans to have expanded hours by summer 2021, as well as pick-up locations in Dubois and Shoshone.


When registering, you’ll be prompted to set up a Stripe account. This is how you get paid. In order to make the market sustainable long-term, fees are necessary. A 10 percent vendor fee is automatically deducted from your payment. Please price your product(s) accordingly.

Terms and Conditions:

Vendors may only sell items that are homegrown, handmade or homemade. Unacceptable items may be removed from

Vendors must understand and comply with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations of the State of Wyoming and Fremont County. Sales tax ordinances apply.

Vendors must follow all food safety and handling guidelines when selling highly perishable products such as meat, poultry, eggs, raw milk, cheese or other home-processed foods.

All sales must take place through Vendors may not direct customers away from the site for sales.

Wyoming Food Freedom Act

Items PERMITTED FOR SALE at Speedgoat Market in accordance with the Wyoming Food Freedom Act

• Homemade baked goods, such as breads, rolls, cakes, cookies, pies, etc.
• Home prepared canned goods, such as jams, jellies (including low sugar), salsas, pickles, etc.
• Sauerkraut, vinegar and other fermented foods
• Raw honey
• Home processed domestic rabbit, fish (except catfish); poultry and poultry products are allowed to be sold at the market. These items must follow USDA guidelines for poultry processing and comply with Wyoming labeling and temperature requirements.
• All other meat, such as lamb, beef, goat, pork, etc., must come from a state or federally inspected facility and comply with Wyoming labeling. These products must be held below 41°F.
• All foods containing meat must follow Wyoming Food Freedom Act regulations. For example, breakfast burritos containing homegrown and processed chicken are permitted, but pork or beef burritos are not allowed, unless the burrito is made in a commercial kitchen. All hot prepared foods must be held at or above 140°F and are subject to inspection by the Market Manager.
• Egg sales must comply with Wyoming labeling and temperature requirements.
• Raw milk and dairy products (such as homemade cheese and yogurt) may be sold. These products must be held below 41°F and are subject to inspection by the Market Manager.
• Nursery stock and seeds are allowed for sale at the market, but vendors are required to hold a Nursery Stock or Seed Dealer license. Licenses are available from the Technical Services Division of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, click HERE to access an application. Nursery stock includes any potted plant, shrub, tree and/or herb to be grown for human consumption, ornamentals, landscaping or windbreaks. Nursery stock does not include cut flowers or harvested fruit and vegetables.

Items NOT PERMITTED FOR SALE at Speedgoat Market

• Wild game or wild fish
• Home processed wild game, beef, pork, lamb or goat jerky
• Meat that has not come from a state or federally inspected facility
• Pre-made food products with meat, other than domestically raised poultry, rabbit or fish (except catfish)
• Pre-made food for immediate consumption without proper licensing

For more information, visit the Wyoming Department of Agriculture FAQ page about the Wyoming Food Freedom Act, or visit Consumer Health Services on the Wyoming Department of Agriculture website.

Have questions? Email Speedgoat Market’s Market Manager at: [email protected].